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“An MLM company bringing Nature and Science together, USANA MLM in United States is of the widely talked about Network Marketing Companies quite famous for its business opportunity and Health Products. USANA makes itself a unique direct selling business by focusing on there mission to bring a natural science based health products to mankind with some unique MLM business opportunities of making money for Independent Business Associates around world. Its is also a member of DSA (Direct Selling Association)..”

Founded by Scientist Dr.Myron Wentz, a Ph.D in 1992 with a healthy mission of healthy life, USANA Health Sciences MLM begins with vision and help needed to man kind for the current and upcoming lifestyle and environmental changes affecting humans with panic of ‘Free Radicals’ increasing and on other hand the worst getting busy lifestyle of people affecting faster with diseases because of Pollution, High fat and calories diet, Smoking and drinking habits with No time and Lack of exercise. USANA products works wonders by getting best of Nature and Science together enlightening mankind, also with an additional Network Marketing Business opportunity.

USANA Products

With Net sales of about $374 million in 2006, USANA Health Sciences INC. operates and sells its products in countries and markets of Canada, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Korea, the Netherlands, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Mexico, United States (Parent Location), and Malaysia focusing on micro nutrients like Vitamins, Minerals and others as dietary food supplements with a step ahead caring about Personal and Skin care Products too.

USANA Products are categorized into Personal care and Nutritional USANA follows list of Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDA) to produce and promote there products. USANA believes in perfect products for perfect age, For adults there are two products 1) Mega Antioxidant which has essential 30 vitamins, works as antioxidants and other human required nutrition to fight with Free Radicals. 2) Next is ‘Chelated Mineral’, a product with all required minerals for and adult. For Children’s they have Product called ‘Usanimals’ and ‘BodyRox for teens.


Like any other successful MLM companies, USANA also has a great revenue earning home based business opportunity targeting health for 76 million baby boomers retiring and will require health products. USANA claims top 10 benefits of being a USANA business distributor as ‘Be your Own Boss’, ‘Work From Home’, ‘Great Earning Opportunity and Income Potential’, ‘Immediate Income Source’, ‘No Fees for franchising’ etc.

USANA income generating business pay plan is a binary system where in you require to build balanced left and right side downlines selling USANA health and personal care products with a Weekly Earning commission plan based on Group Sales Volume (GSV). They have also listed there Business success stories of there IBO’s on there website , which is also a official website of USANA based in United States.


USANA Contacts & Office Locations are detailed on there website, still below are the list of countries where USANA business operates.

United States, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Puerto Rico, Caribbean, Canada, Vancouver, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, Mexico, Philippines with different languages Toll Free Numbers.

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