Saral Vaastu Shastra Science

So what is Saral Vastu ?  Simply, Its and art of living in harmony with environment, and it does not connect to born or death of any person but the day in between born and death he has lead a happy life making adjustments with environment like house and working place…”

How Saral Vaastu Works ?

Saral Vaastu works on scientific theories and does not include any Mantra / Tantra. It is energy based theory which is continuously flowing in confined space, Where in there are two types of energy Positive and Negative energy. Saral Vaastu helps and teaches how to generate and surround yourself with the positive energy.

According to Saral Vaastu, How does the direction effects us and family ?

As per this shastra, there are total of 8 directions and according to the date of birth there are 4 favorable directions that plays a vital role in persons prosperity, adversity and growth in life.

How Saral Vaastu Shastra different from Other Science ?

  • It gives positive results to and individual as well as his/her family.
  • Unlike Others, Saral vaastu is purely scientific, Very affordable and easily applicable.
  • It does not suggest any Tantra Mantras, Or any type of breakages or alterations.
  • It can be applied to Individual, Home, Offices, Corporates, Hotels, Industries, Restaurants, Shops, Malls and Cinema Halls too, Irrespective of being ownership or rental.
  • It does not pertain to caste, religion, community, superstitions and humans life and death.

People are requested to check yourself for any kind of shastra, the above article on saral vastu is just for information purpose and might be different in some cases.

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