Ruby Gemstone – Benefits Facts and Quality Of Ruby Stone

“Recommended by many astrologers, Ruby gemstone, A deep red translucent variety of the mineral corundum, highly valued as a precious stone. Something, such as a watch or a ring, that is made from a ruby..”

A dark or deep red to deep purplish red. Also used as an adjective as in: Of the colour ruby. [Middle English, from Old french rubi, from Medieval Latin rubbins (lapis), red (stone), ruby, from Latin rubeus, red]

Rubbies have a special link with India. Look into our literature and the reference to the Ratnarai (King of gemstones),as the ruby was known, are legion. It was the flavored em of emperors, perhaps because, to find a perfect ruby of the deepest red with no flaws, is rare. Legend has it that when such a rare ruby was found, the emperor would be informed of it post haste and he would make preparations to ‘welcome’ it by sending out noblemen from his court to escort it to his court.

Great rubies display three hallmarks of quality: rarity, durability and beauty. Stones possessing these three qualities are rare and weight for weight could match or even surpass the diamond in value and durability. Really fine rubies are rarer than fine sapphires, Emeralds or diamonds! Two magical elements are associated with the symbolism of the ruby’s colour: fire and blood, implying warmth and life for mankind. Many royal families preferred the ruby as part of their insignia.

Facts About Ruby

1. The Black Ruby and the Timur Ruby that decorate the British crown jewels are actually not rubies at all.

2. Till the end of the 19th century, red garnets, or spinells, were also considered rubies and these were set into the crown jewels.

3. Unlike most other gemstones, the inclusions in a ruby are in no way a sign of imperfection. Each ruby has its own ‘signature’ of inclusions. These are caused by the chrome that gives the gem its vibrant red colour, but also causes tiny fissures and irregularities while gem is being created deep inside the earth. Thus, the irregular inclusions in a ruby are almost a proof of its authenticity.

4. Artificial rubies are clear and have no fissures or inclusions in their hearts. There are vary few real rubies which are of considerable size and have crystallized naturally to form the perfectly clear gemstone.

5. A synthetic ruby crystal was used to create the first laser.

6. The word corundum, which is common usage in English today, was derived from the Sanskrit Kuruvinda.

Benefits Of Ruby For July Born

1. Then your birthstone is the ruby: passionate, fiery, and signifying loyalty, love and passion.

2. For those July born who are also Cancerians, the ruby is particularly beneficial: it brings them wisdom, health and wealth, and more important, happiness.

3. Gamblers born under the sign of the crab in July are said to be favored with good luck if they wear this stone.

4. Lovers who wear the ruby will be lucky in love!

5. The ruby is also the anniversary stone for the 15th and (if you go that far), the 40th year of marriage!

6. The special day for the ruby is Tuesday. And it is best worn in summer when the light catches the fire in its heart and reflects it to advantage. Of course, in India, the sun always shines so the ruby will sparkle regardless of season.

The best rubies are from the Mogok Valley, Myanmar. Mayanmarese stones are blood red, the most valued tint being ‘pigeon’s blood.’ But, for many years, no rubies of quality have been mined here. The Mong Hsu region in central Mayanmar also produces rubies, but of the lesser quality. Stones found in the mines of Thailand are darker and the Sri Lanka stones lighter than the Myanmarese specimens.

In 2002, rubies were found in the Waseges River area of Kenya. Rubies are being mined at Audilamena in northeastern Madagascar. Star rubies, ie, those that show an internal star-shaped formation when cut in the cabochon (with a rounded top) shape are rare. Synthetic rubies are manufactured by the fusion of pure aluminum oxide. Chromium oxide is added to provide the appropriate colour.

Deep red rubies with few inclusions could have been heated at 3000 degree celsius to clear them of the dark tints in their color. Rubies come in various shades of red, red purple and red orange. A medium toned red or red with slight blue is most desired. Clarity of the stone and inclusions are also taken into account to determine the stone’s value.Once the stones look more toward purple or orange, it is called a fancy sapphire.

The world’s biggest double star ruby (with a 12-pointed star), is the Neelanjali Ruby, weighing 1,370 carats (274 g.)

A 8.62 carat Burmese ruby sold for $425,000 per carat ($2,125,000/g),or $3,800,000 on February 15,2006, at Christie’s Switzerland. Everything depends on Quality of ruby.

Ruby is reflective, object-oriented programming language.The world’s biggest ruby is the Rajaratna Ruby, which weighs 2,475 carats (495 g). Because the Rajaratna shows asterism, it is also the largest star ruby.

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