MLM Follow Up – Tips On MLM’s Best Follow up Techniques

“Of all the steps in building a successful and profitable MLM business, The follow-up and follow-through processes are by far the most important. The Successful follow-up process is the natural conclusion to new people’s introduction to the MLM business..”

Basic’s Behind MLM Follow up

Now that they have seen the plan, what should be done next? what should be done will be vary based upon the prospect’s interest, schedule and other factors. The general objective is to get back together with the person or couple as soon as possible (preferably within a few days) while the business is fresh on their minds and before they have a chance to talk to too many people and possibly get some negative feedback. On occasion, the follow-up process can take a relatively short period of time, from a couple of days to a couple of weeks. On other occasions, you might follow-through with prospects for months, if not years, building friendship, building the dream and providing more information until the time is right for them or as their situations change.

General recommendations On How to Follow up :

  • Book the follow-up appointment with a prospect at the conclusion of the plan.
  • Preferably, follow-up within the next 48 hours.
  • You may do the follow-up yourself or have the person who showed the plan or your sponsor assist you in this process.
  • Build friendship. Begin to establish relationship by taking a sincere interest in the people with whom you are following-up. The better the relationship, the more trust and respect you will win, and the more they will opt to listen to you and follow your direction.
  • Build a dream. Remember that people’s dream are important building tools Dream create excitement and stimulate action. You should attempt to identify what their dreams are.
  • Build Information: Nobody makes an intelligent decision in a vacuum. Information about the Network Marketing business builds understanding. Understanding, combined with the realization that dreams are achievable, sponsors people.

Common Answers For Follow up Questions by Prospects

Welcome questions as an indication of interest. Do not minimize people’s concerns. In fact, generally agree with concerns and turn them into the reasons for doing the business. Remember to use the “FEEL FELT FOUND” approach to people’s concern.

Follow Up Questions To Be Asked During Business Plan

1. Following-up begins during the plan as the speaker makes suggestions concerning what the guests should do next. These suggestions will include a recommendation to get together with the person who invited them as soon as possible and to come back and see the plan again.

2. It is important to ask questions of the guest at the conclusion of the plan .

Examples :

  • Makes sense doesn’t it?
  • How would you spend that X amount of money Raj?
  • What did you see that’s most exciting to you?
  • That plan is genius isn’t it Raj?
  • Did you understand everything?
  • What questions can I help you with now?

3. It is always helpful to take your prospect up to the speaker or your upline and ask what your prospect should do next.

4. After meeting the speaker, but prior to their departure, you should attempt to book the follow-up appointment with your guests.

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