How To Identify Fake Indian Currency Notes

“Since last year, Indian markets are flooded with fake currency notes, Mots of them are 500 rupees and 1000 rupees notes. RBI has declared the safe (non fake) currency identification’s which are listed below for public to save themselves getting cheated with fake notes..”

Ways To Identify Fake Indian Currency Notes

Lets take an example of a green coloured Rupees 500 note and check for below points.

  • When hold under UV (Ultra Violet) blue light, The number of optical fiber are easy and frequent on note, where as on duplicate (fake notes) it is very less.
  • Look for ‘Intaglio print‘ which is absent in fake note. Intaglio print includes 1) The guarantee and the promise clause of RBI 2) Signature of RBI governor 3) Seal of RBI 4) Mahatma Gandhi Portrait 5)  The Ashoka pillar emblem.
  • One of the secret method of identify fake Indian notes worth rupees 500 and 1000 is by its colour, In a particular angle the original note changes its colour from green to blue.
  • Always check the Security thread which is visible in all original notes, This thread is 1.4 mm wide carbon black color appears in break (on front side of note) and full straight line (back side of note). To check little deep one can see 2 different words ‘RBI‘ and ‘Bharat‘ which are written in Devnagri scripts. For same always confirm and identify it under UV light as the original note will glow in yellow and the fake currency do not.
  • One of the major signs to identify is the WATERMARK on blank portion of Indian notes which shows ‘Mahatma Gandhi’s smiling face’ and in few fake notes it seen NON smiling or absent.
  • How a visual impaired person can identify a fake currency note : RBI has taken measures the denominations, A Dark Patch (intaglio print) on left side of the note near mahatma gandhi picture can be seen and will help visually impaired (blind people) for same. Th patch differs in size in currency denominations worth Rs.20 (Vertical Rectangle) , Rs.50 (Square patch), Rs.100 (Triangle), Rs. 500 circle, Rs.1000 (Diamond shape).
  • Upon Holding the note against light, just above the Dark Patch there is a Floral Design which can be seen on front side and is filled in back side of note on which denomination numbers are displayed.
  • One of the secret identification mark is the ‘Latent Image of Denomination‘ which can be seen when you hold the note horizontally with right vertical band facing you.
  • Finally, One more thing to check is the word RBI and Denomination amount number which can been seen on front right side of note just next to Gandhiji’s clear picture. Inside the gap of the vertical band (Flower like design).
Identifying Fake 500 note

Identifying Fake 500 note

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