50 Ways To Break Routine Life

“Daily life with no changes can be a real boredom, It is always healthy to break your routines by doing some interesting and funny things. Below are some different 50 ways and techniques one can use to break the routine life cycle..”

1. Beautiful way of breaking the routine is to walk barefoot in the grass.

2. Share a luscious bar of chocolate with someone special (bonus: dark chocolate, consumed in moderation gives you health-boosting flavonoids).

3. Steal a few moments of guilt -free daydreaming as you sit in a boring class/conference. What an romantic way of breaking routine.

4. Tuck a rolling pin under your bed. just before climbing between the sheets, roll your feet gently along the pin for a mini massage. Or keep one in your office drawer to use when working.

5. ‘Take a music bath once or twice a week for a few seasons, and you will find that it is to the soul what a water bath is to the body,’ said Oliver Wendell Holmes. Listen to the love theme from Out Of Africa with your sweetheart on a moonlit night. Or dig out a copy of Raphael’s Bolero. Wait for the sun to go down. Push the CD into your system. If you are living somewhere along the sea, take a glass of chilled wine and let Bolero seep into your consciousness as the wine slowly spirals its way through you and will break your routine way of feeling life.

6. In the bedroom, surround yourself with comforting, on-hand objects that please the mind. A basket filled with your favorite books. A bowl of smooth river pebbles for you to run your finger over. A cuddly stuffed toy.

7. Pamper your taste buds and your senses by adding colour and flavour to your olive oil. Take a bunch of fresh herbs. Say, rosemary, basil or tarragon. Bruise them with a rolling pin to release their flavours. Now add the herbs to your oil, and refrigerate the bottle. It takes about a week for the flavors salad next weekend! This herbed oil is also wonderful as a marinade or a dip for crusty bread. Can’t believe such herbs can help us break some boredom routine.

8. At least in a day, disconnect yourself from the routine world. Switch off your cell phone. Ignore the telephone. Go offline. Be off-limits. In those moments, do what you feel like: have a luxurious bath, nurture your lawn or cook a good dinner. When you get back to the world, you fill like humming and happy that your broke the routine life.

9. Shoes off, then flop, like a ragdoll in bed for a long time after a long day.

10. Treat your skin to a refreshing rose water spritz for an instantly alive, wake-me-up feeling.

11. Flip through a family album, watch your wedding video, or just close your eyes and think back to a time when you were truly happy. Sweet memories always make you smile. And when you feel the smile coming, envision it seeping
through your heart, into every cell.

12. One more tip to break your routine is to touch a ‘marma’ point on your body. The word marma means hidden or secret. You have 107 secret points places on your body where two or more types of tissue meet. Ayurvedic healers describe the marma as ‘bridges between your physical and spiritual energies’. So pressing a marma point is an exquisite feeling. Three easy-to-locate marma points on your body: The hollow of your temple on either side of your head, the sides of your nose where your nostrils flare, and the center of your wrist, just below your hand (palm facing up). To energize your marma, place a few drops of warm oil on your fingertips, and rub the area gently for a minute or two. Breathe gently and deeply as you do this.

13. Clench your fist around a tennis ball, a stress reliever ball, or any other solid object, for about 10 seconds. Inhale as you squeeze the ball (not too hard). Then release your breath and your grip slowly. Repeat three to five times.

14. Rejuvenate your rasa whenever you feel breaking a routine schedule. Rasa? That is what a yogi will ask you to preserve or nurture, if you ask for the secret of rejuvenation. Rasa, in Sanskrit, is the essence, or juice, of life. Ayurvedic healers believe that when we are young, we are rich with rasa: The skin is moist, digestion is efficient, and energy levels are at their peak. As we grow older, our
reserves of essential energy start to deplete, resulting in low vitality, poor health, and that over-the-hill feeling.

15. Get your full quota of sleep. The easiest, and most pleasurable way to do this is, get into bed a little early. Prepare for bedtime like you would for a date (and bedtime can be wonderful way to date yourself). Take a warm shower, pamper your skin with a softening after bath lotion, dim the lights, and climb into the comfort of crisp, clean sheets. Breathe deep, and let your mind gradually settle into restfulness. Just three days, rather, nights, of restful sleep will restore your rasa for a long time to come.

16. Make someone else’s day! Research shows a simple act of kindness can work and make you re freshen getting you out of daily routines.

17. The act of pulling out a drawer, and sorting out its contents can have a symbolic meaning. It is like discarding old, unnecessary ideas and mindsets from your life. and leaving in what is really needed. Out of clutter, find simplicity.

18. Do ankle ABC’s at your desk. To reduce tension and get blood flowing after a few blood flowing after few hours of sitting, trace each letter of the alphabet in the air with your right foot, then repeat with your left. Nothing more as such can be simplest ideas to rejuvenate routine life.

19. Ignore the clock. Set your alarm a few hours before bedtime, turn the clock around so you can’t see the time display, and forget about it.

20. Visualize future fun. Every Monday, take one minute to think of something exciting to do during the upcoming weekend.

21. Talk to strangers. When you are anxious and alone (say, in a doctor’s office), strike up a conversation. Don’t feel pressured to have a philosophical debate. Small talk is a great stress buster of routine.

22. Breathe for your brain. Lie on your back with your knees pulled to your chest and your arms at your sides. Inhale through your nose, letting your stomach expand. Then exhale through your nose, letting your stomach and chest collapse. This way you can benefit with health routines.

23. Walk up a wall. When you are physically wiped out from a long day, try this: Take off your shoes and lie on the floor, perpendicular to a wall. ‘Walk’ your feet up the wall and scoot your behind as close to the wall as possible, so your body that naturally pools in your legs will drain away from those areas, ultimately making you feel more energize. A kiddies way to break your routine.

24. Oil your nose. If begin in a dry environment (your overheated office, on an airplane), makes youe nose itch and burn, apply a but of pure sesame oil to the insides of your nostrils.

25. Every day take a short respite from the computer. Set aside a definite time to do this, say, 20 minutes before the 4′o clock coffee break. Use that time to write yourself a note a story, or a poem using good old pen and paper. Or spend that time rubbing lotion on your fingers, massaging your wrists and reflecting on the versatile marvel that the human hand is.

26. Indulge your eight pure textures of chocolate at PURE, Taj Lands End. The ultimate for a chocoholic, right down to the last bite!

27. Raise a toast to your life, stress and all, with a glass of sweet red wine. Flavonoids in it will help you fight free radicals that accelerate aging.

28. Go for a singles salsa class and tango the night away. A combo of mental and physical activity will help raise the health quotient of your brain cells and keep you feeling young. A innovative idea breaking one’s routine and bore life.

29. Stimulate your senses and blood cells with a massage with an essential oil like ylang ylang (add a few drops of almond oil). Call a masseuse home; allow her expert hands to drain your body of toxins and relieve stress and
anxiety to boost immunity levels.

30. Eat a good breakfast for a change. Include cereals, fruits, herbal tea, hash briwns and some crepes with strawberry sauce.

31. Laugh your heart out. Laugh at everything silly. Laugh at everything not so silly. Make up for all those days you spent without laughing. Just 15 minutes of laughung can help you burn 40 calories!. A healthy way of life.

32. Treat yourself to some new lingerie. Buy a push-up bra to lift your bust and give you a flattering cleavage. Or a lacy, satin negligee to feel sexy in.

33. Check into a hotel room. Spritz the bed linen and furniture with a scented linen soray and light a scented candle. Make yourself at home.

34. Work some healing into your hair. Do the hair spa treatment. A week end gateway to burst your routine.

35. Explore your comfort levels. If need be, expand them. Feel differently about your body. Do a fashion show for yourself in the confines of your room. Dare to wear garments that show off skin and fell good about your body.

36. Shake up your usual routine. Wear something different for a change; eat something different, take a coffee or bookstore break en route to work. Small changes can make the world of a difference.

37. Lessen the negative energy in your body. Take a deep exhale completely, relaxing your muscles.

38. Collect all the jewellery (gold and silver) you don’t use. Take it to the jeweller and use it to make something you have wanted for a while. Or exchange it for something that you like there.

39. Go on a scented trail at a fragrance counter at a mall. Dab a new scent on your pulse points (your wrist, behind the ears and behind the knees), and do some window-shopping till the fragrance settles. If you like it. If you don’t try
another. Do this till you find your sensuous whiff.

40. Call a few friend over for some chit-chat over coffee, tea and reflexology. Request a masseuse to come home and massage the pressure points on everyone’s feet. Gossip, share some jokes, or talk philosophy. A few hours of togetherness with friends can help you unwind. This is how friends can help you from bore office routine life.

41. Enroll for a makeup workshop. A few hours spent learning about highlighting your best features, and the how-to’s of using eye shadow, mascara, lip liner, blush can boost your looks and confidence.You may also make new friends.

42. Pander to the child in you. Indulge in that bar of chocolate, cuddle up with a soft toy, play with a doll, sing nursery rhymes, ride a bike, make some jewelery with beads. There’s plenty to gain from the small pleasures of life!

43. Spend a few hours at the salon. Soak in loads of feel-good with a pedicure, manicure, head and back massage, protein treatment for your hair and the blow dry. Some real good idea’s breaking girls routine.

44. Go to a bookstore, alone or with two friends. Browse through magazines and books. Laugh at things that amuse you (don’t worry about people frowning) and regale in some bits of amazing news. It is time well spent. Enhance knowledge and keep away from routine schedules sickness.

45. Don’t jump out of bed one morning. Wake up languorously, stretching your body, your toes, roll your shoulders, give yourself a warm hug and then welcome the day!

46. Shower some tender loving care on your hands and feet. Massage them lovingly with some exotic smelling lotion and feel good all day long Remember, your hands and feet are the first to age.

47. Connect with yourself. Put a drop of comforting scent on your watchband, or on a handkerchief and smell it during the course of the day. Liberate your senses. Real natural way works as a better routine breaker.

48. Doll up! Wear some mascara and pin a flower in you hair. Wear an evening dress to work. Carry a stylish bag and slip into sexy heels. Let everybody sit up and notice you.

49. Sit on a bench in a park, even if it is just for a few minutes. Breathe in the sights, sounds and smells. Enjoy the breeze. Relieve the joy of living! Think of things that made you smile. Think of moments that gave you a high!

50. Buy a bunch of flowers to add a touch of bright in your life!.

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