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“APSA-80 is one of its brand and the only Agriculture Product in Amway MLM business. Before mentioning other details about APSA-80 let make it clear that it is not an Pesticide OR Insecticide product by Amway. It is a product that helps actual insecticide and pesticides to perform better by reaching every corner of plants..”

APSA-80 has to be used by Amway Recommended Concentration formula with Insecticide and then just need to spray around the farm and agricultural products. It is the best product and friend of farmer because of its boosting power that helps pesticide to dissolve through leaves and reach the backside of the leaves and fruits which is the hidden side and water doesn’t reach directly.

Recently at Tamil Nadu a test was conducted on Tomato plants and the results where amazing, It increased the yield by 48% and decreased the fruit damage to 63.8%.

TEST : Endosulfan and Carbaryl were sprayed at recommended concentration alone separately and these insecticides were sprayed in combination with APSA-80 at recommended ratio (5 ml of APSA-80 in 15 liters of insecticide spray solution) for control on the pest (Helicoverpa Armigera Hubner) and fruit borer damage.

RESULT 1 : Application of Endusulfan and Carbaryl individually in combination with APSA-80 showed significantly better control on pest (disease) by reducing the larval population. In case of Endosulfan + APSA-80, the pest got reduced by 38% over the application of Endosulfan only. In case of carbaryl + APSA-80, the pest got reduced by 33.8% over the application of carbarly only.

RESULT 2 : In case of Endosulfan + APSA-80, up to 58% less fruit damage as compared to application of Endosulfan only. In case of carbaryl + APSA-80, upto 63.8% less fruit damage as compared to application of Carbaryl only.

RESULT 3 : Better disease control resulted in to 48% & 45.4% increase in yield with Endosulfan + APSA-80 and carbaryl + APSA-80 respectively as compared to the application of pesticide only.

Article Source : AmwayAmagram

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