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Amway is one of the most fastest growing network marketing companies in India and around the world with head office at united states located at ‘Ada Michigan’. A global corporation with its parent company named ‘Alticor’ started its mission in 1959 with dreams of two leader and founders of Amway MLM business, Rich Devos and Jay Van Andel with few ideas of Direct selling business opportunities. The dream was kept in mind with few basic principles which any ABO (Amway Business Owner) can achieve, those are FREEDOM, FAMILY, HOPE and REWARDS.

This gave birth to Amway Corporation and ‘Alticor’ which is also know with a name ‘Quixtar Inc’. Since last 45 to 50 years Amway Business is growing in more then 80 countries with Millions of Distributors with their international businesses. Amway has expanded it business process in almost all the countries via its MLM business concept and the most fastest growing countries of those are India, Korea, Japan, China, Singapore, Taiwan etc where lots of people doing part time business and has been accepted as best of Home based business. There are few IBO’s who are doing Network Marketing Business as Full time and earning royalties. Amway targets 1000 Crores in 2008 and coming futures.


Amway started with basic home care products like SA8 which is a laundry product, LOC which is a Liquid Organic Cleaner and such FMCG products. Now in 2008 Amway India and other countries have joint hands with lots of Non Coreline Product companies like Max new york Life, which is for health, insurance and investment products. Current Amway Product List ranges from Health and Nutrition’s products with its famous brand ‘NUTRILITE’ having products like Protein Powder, Berry Blast for children, Glucosomine for arthritis, Multi-Vitamin ‘Daily tablets’, Cal-Mag for Calcium and Magnesium, Iron Folic, Newly introduced Energy drinks, BIO-C for vitamin C, Triple Guard for people have seasonal Allergies etc. Amway also has Quite a good range of Beauty Products called ‘Artistry’ and ‘Attitude’, where as Artistry comes in to costly product range compared to Attitude. Recently Amway has introduced lots of basic beauty products like Lips sticks, nail polish etc. Coming to Home care products and Personal care products its Glister tooth paste, Zoom, Persona Soap, Famous G & H lotion and Body Shampoo etc. Max new york life and Amway India has already introduced Unit Link policies (ULIP) which is managed by Franklin Templeton so covering Insurance Industries also. This is one of the Amway’s new insurance products.

Amway India has recently launched a TV commercial which is famously know as “Mujhe Lamba Karo..Mujhe Patla Karo..” which has a slogan “We Are Listening”.


Leadership level in Amway are quite interesting. People achieving business level of 9% and above are called Amway Leaders which means ABO’s with a good network team. Other famous levels are 12%, 15%, 18%, Silver level, Gold level, Platinum level, Ruby Level, Eagles, Saffaires, Emeralds and Amway Diamonds. Then further it goes to Crown Ambassadors etc.


For distributors to learn, get motivated and share experience Leaders in Amway network often keeps Business Meetings and Seminars. Business Meetings in Amway are of types PASE (Product and System Education), Weekly Open Meetings where uplines, downlines and crosslines meet to see the business plan which is generally shown by someone in Leadership Level. One who knows to and wants to join the business are generally called in this kind of meetings. Open Meetings means open to all distributors, ABO’s and Non Distributors in Business to understand the Network Marketing Business plan and Check the business with some qualified professionals, industrialist etc having recognition rounds. TEAM Meetings is done monthly by IBO’s and ABO’s only for sharing experiences, Recognitions rounds and Sales and Network Building tips. Then there are Business Seminars which are once in some 3 months where the higher pins like Emeralds and Diamond Leaders share there stories (rally session) and gives the broad picture of business and system. Amway Also has a special kind of seminar yearly called FED (Free Enterprise day) which is basically a celebrations for new diamonds in Amway business following with there success stories and teachings.

There are lots of business system which are not part of Amway who provides with informative network marketing tools and a proved success system that works to build MLM business properly. One of such very successful companies are Britt World Wide (BWW), which provides Books, Tapes and Functions and Seminars to Amway people and helps grow the business.

More About Amway Business

  • Business Plan
  • Products
  • Products Retailing Tips
  • APSA-80 Product
  • Pin Levels, Awards and Recognition System
  • List Building
  • Prospecting
  • Follow up
  • Objection Handling
  • FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
  • International Sponsoring

Locations World Wide

Official Websites of Amway are : (Amway Global)

IMPORTANT NOTE : It is highly recommended to visit above official sites of Amway and there products for latest updated information as above information can be not up to date as the day you read this article.

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