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“Very famous for its Quality and Cost, Amway India Products are used world wide repeatedly by the Distributors and the Customers of Direct Marketing Amway MLM Business..”

Amway India has a wide range of on going FMCG growing products from all the industries which are categorized as Nutrition and Wellness (Nutrilite Products) , Beauty and Cosmetic Products (Artistry) & (Attitude) brands, Home care & Personal care Products, Gift catalog Products, Agricultural Products like APSA-80, Amsure Insurance Products (ULIP) with Max New York Life etc. Manufactured in best natural environment far off the pollution at locations like Ada Michigan and Hyderabad in India.

Best of all, Lots of Amway India has patented lots of its products which makes it available uniquely with ABO’s Distributors only.

Lets have a Look individually On All the products and benefits (category wise)


Amway Health Products (Food Supplements – Nutrilite Products):

When it comes to health care, Amway and Nutrilite is the perfect combination found with lots of products. This are called health supplements and NOT Medicine’s. Nutrilite Products are health supplements made for specific and general use. Below is the name and Use of the products :
Protein Powder

Best of soy isoflavones and Lecithin protein found with all required 9 Amino Acids, Nutrilite protein power is best to consume above age of 2 years. It can be consumes with Milk or can be added with any other food recipe. It is a perfect soy protein without any added artificial ingredients inside.

  • Nutrilite Daily Multivitamins Tablets

As Name says DAILY, means 1 tablet daily which contains all the required Vitamins, Minerals which contains 13 different required vitamins and 11 minerals which is a daily requirement we cannot fulfill because of our Non regular and Impure diet.

  • Nutrilite Kids (Chewable, Banana & Chocolate Flavors)

A combination of Protein, Multi Vitamins, Minerals, Iron and Other basic needs of body which is required for every growing kids. Kids consume lots of energy and are generally not ok with eating or consuming not so tasty protein and calcium, so this flavors.

  • Nutrilite Natural B

This tablet has in it what is called VITAMIN B, A combination of 7 different Vitamins B must for health. Best to boost the energy.

  • Nutrilite Iron Folic

For best IRON one needs to eat lots of Iron and Folic related diet, And one of the best natural source of Iron is Spinach, but hard to consume up to the level required by our body so comes IRON FOLIC and best combination of IRON and Folic acid. Help Balance and Increase hemoglobin. Must for Pregnant Women and Ladies having menstruation and related pain problems.

  • Nutrilite Cal-Mag

We all know that Calcium plays a vital role in our body, especially for strong bones, Calcium cannot be consumed at a time in quantity because of its less digestive nature, So is the combination of CAL-MAG where Magnesium helps digest Calcium. Recommended for everyone above age 29.

  • Nutrilite BIO-C

Vitamin C is used by our body to fight working as an Antioxidant and need to fulfilled externally consuming Vitamin C rich food and Diets as Body don’t create Or Store it by itself.

  • Glucosamine-HCL-Boswellia

Nutrilite gift to people suffering with osteoarthritis, It Helps building blocks in bones and Body joints. Works like a Medicine for arthritis patients. Combination with Boswellia works like an smooth working engine having proper Oil between Bones for movements.

  • Nutrilite Garlic Heart

Best product for people having week heart and related problems, as garlic is best for heart. The garlic used here are one of the best quality grown on mountains.

  • Nutrilite’s Siberian Ginseng

For all who work very hard, This product is a boon for your stamina as it helps smooth and fast flow of your blood through out your body and brain, keeping a person active than normal. One who has lots of stress and late night schedule can consume this.

  • Nutrilite Triple Guard Echinacea

For all people have seasonal allergy problem like climate change, Dust etc. It helps body and restricts such problems.


A Weight reducing product in all the natural ways possible, without affecting body with any harm.

Amway XL-Energy Drink and Bar : Latest introduced instance energy booster drink and Chocolate bars to be eated when u feel really low with energy. Its boost your energy quickly.

See Amway Nutrilite Products for complete details.

Beauty and Cosmetic Products

Amway beauty products have a big range with High and Medium quality products with Brands like Artistry and Attitude. Most of the products are consumed by Both and Men and Women and are not categorized as Men Beauty Products and Women Beauty Products. Amway Skin care products are for regular use and Artistry is one of the best quality brand Amway has.

  • List of Artistry Products are as :

Artistry Clarifying Foaming Cleanser, Moisture Rich Cleanser for Dry and Oily skin. Oil Control Toner and Moisturizers for Oily and Dry skin, which makes a best product combination of CTM (Cleanser, Toner & Moisturizer) products.

Artistry also has Body Definer Firming gel, Time Defiance night time cream and lotion for looking Younger with a combination of Time defiance intensive serum. For Cold days artistry has Hand & Body Cream, For instance glow on face during party time it has Polish Scrub. It also has Loose powder to make you look more beautiful then before.

See Complete List Of Artistry Products here.

List Of Attitude products

Amway Attitude products are comparatively cheaper then Artistry and Product ranges like Face Wash, Hand and Body cream, Attitude Nail paints with flavors (Rosy, Red, Perl, Candy, red wine, Shiny Plum, Metallic Bronze, Walnut Brown, Violet Bean, & brown) with a Bollywood brand ambassador ‘Diya Mirza’ promoting it.

See Complete List Of Attitude Products here.

Home Care Product Range

Amway started with home care products like LOC and are very easily available in small and big packs. Most of the products are very natural with zero chemical in it.

Starting with LOC high stud, A versatile product for multi purpose use like Cleaning, Washing and Sometimes working as a good plant supplement which is demonstrated by Amway distributors. Also there are products like SA8 Gelzyme for cloths cleaning, SA8 delicate for winter clothes, Zoom control a sticky substance cleaner like exhaust fans etc, Persue a very effective dis-disinfectant, virucide, and working as sanitizer & deodorizer too. Dish Drop a perfect dish cleaner by Amway which cleans and removes high stains with few drops only. See SPRAY a effective glass cleaner and for those looking for Car and Bike Products there are Car Wash and Silicon Glaze for a lovely dust free shine which makes a perfect series of Home care products.

Personal Care Products Range

Personal care body products from Amway are daily usable FMCG products like Glister Toothpaste, Brush, Persona Soap, G & H body lotion and Cream for winter and people with sensitive skin, whole range of satinique shampoo and conditioner. Dynamite shaving cream and after shave for men, Glister has another product called Glister Sweet Shot, a mint mouth freshener. Nature shower hand cream, Satinique dandruff control shampoo and hair rejuvenating masque and Detangler. Also introduced Amla Hair Oil and Other Dynamite range like Dynamite Hair Cream etc..

Amway Agricultural Products

APSA-80 the only Agricultural product by Amway used in combination of anti-insecticide and germicide daily used by farmers. The combination helps the product to stick to the leaves on both the sides and kill harmful germs and insects hiding behind leaf.

Insurance Products

Amway with Max New York Life has launched AMSURE, a new insurance product by Amway which has Investment and Insurance products like ULIP. They are coming up with medical insurance and general insurance in short period of time.

Non Coreline Products

Amway regularly comes out with festive products which are non coreline products not manufactured and owned by Amway, they offer this product is wide range to distributors during diwali festival and others.

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