Amway Business Plan – Amway Step by Step Business Plan Tips

“A great Business Plan gives good results. Amway business has some good plan tips which can be followed step by step to achieve your goal of building network. Below are some important Amway business plan tips to be followed..”

Step 1. Set at Ease

Step 2. Explain Business Concepts and Interactive marketing.

Step 3. Show them the Franchising concept of McDonald’s etc and Tell them about private franchising system of Amway sales marketing plan.

Step 4. Explain them the difference between Traditional business and Direct Selling business of how products moves from Manufacturer to Jobber to Whole seller to Retailer to Customer. Now show how products are moved in MLM business from manufacturer to consumer directly and what are the benefits and retails profits selling same.

Step 5. Now clear there doubts about Huge Investments, Risk factors, Expertise and Time challenges during such Home based business.

Step 6. Show them benefits like How he can develop an extra income without disturbing the current job or profession, Explain about residual income concepts which is and ongoing income. Give some royalty examples of singers, authors etc. Explain him how this is and International business opportunity at around 80 countries spread world wide. Show him how easy it is with support system like Britt World Wide and mentor ship program.

Step 7: Show him the retail selling and business income margins and how one gets upto 20% discounts on every Amway products being a distributor and ABO’s of business.

Step 8: Explain him the LEVERAGE factor which is not present in traditional businesses and How one can balance TIME, MONEY and SECURITY in life to fulfill there dreams and get FINANCIALLY FREE.

Step 9: Finally use the FEEL, FELT, FOUND and give message to prospect of how you have seen the business plan for first time and FELT about and after doing it FOUND the great difference earning profits of business.


1) In 20 minutes, giving limited information and creating eagerness is the key.

2) The best the posture and self image the easy the plan will go. Remember YOU ARE THE GIVER.

3) Never Chase your prospect to See the business plan as no one like to be chased, it shows you are in need not him.

4) If you are stranger then Dress Sharp like a real Amway Leader. Formal Dress is always better in such case.

5) If the prospect is Married, Do not forget to get your Spouse while showing the business plan. Remember WOMAN POWER always works.

6) Don’t Plan big for where to meet, Your home or Prospects home Or either a nice place like Cafe Coffee day is is good for Overview.

7) Set at Ease : Give couple of minutes before plan to make prospect relax and come out of all tensions, talk about yourself, tell him how you got into this business, ask about his family.

8) Before starting Amway plan, Share him clearly the purpose of the meeting.

9) Set Ground Rules : say something like “Can’t promise you anything as of now”, “We only have few minutes to talk”, “This is just first step of Other 3 step plan” etc

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